It’s been a while since I created this website. I published the first post on Feb 5th, and after 25 posts, I wanted to do a short recap and ask you for some feedback.

Originally, I created for two three reasons:

  1. First, I wanted to create a website, to force myself writing posts regularly in english.
  2. Second, I just fell in love with guitar pedals after many years of just me, my guitar and my amp. I wanted to learn more about stompboxes and share it with you.
  3. And third, I wanted to share my experience about buying a reverb pedal. A few months ago, I was trying to decide which was the best reverb pedal. I wanted to buy one. After researching through online guitar magazines and youtube videos, I picked 15 and tried them whenever i had the opportunity. I thought It could be a good starting point to start a website sharing this experience.

Now, after this period, I want to summarize what I’ve posted about and share some thoughts with you guys:

I’ve created a “Guitar Pedals Explained” series, trying to describe the most popular types of guitar pedals and effects:

I’ve also reviewed 15 reverb pedals. I have to be sincere here: I only own the Electro Harmonix Cathedral (my pick after trying the 15 of them). Now I enjoy using it every single day.

On the other hand, I’ve only spent a few hours playing the other 14. Whenever I visited a guitar store, I could spend a couple of hours playing with one or two pedals, time enough though for first impressions. In each review post, I’ve included a Youtube playlist with at least 5 videos, so you can hear how each pedal sounds by yourself.

These are the best reverb pedals, in no special order…

  1. JHS Alpine Reverb
  2. Electro Harmonix Cathedral
  3. Catalinbread Topanga Spring Reverb
  4. Strymon BigSky
  5. Eventide Space Reverb
  6. TC Electronics Hall of Fame
  7. Boss FRV-1 ’63 Fender Reverb
  8. Wampler Pedals Faux Spring Reverb
  9. Mad Professor Silver Spring Reverb
  10. Earthquaker Devices Afterneath
  11. Electro Harmonix Holy Grail Nano
  12. Mooer ShimVerb
  13. T-Rex Room Mate Junior
  14. Strymon blueSky
  15. Mr Black Deluxe Plus

And finally, I’ve created 3 more general posts: two of them being a sort of buying guides (for reverb pedals and for pedalboard power supplies), and the other summarizing my thoughts about the essential guitar pedals every guitarist should own.

Now, time to share some thoughts.

I’m engineer (and a proud geek) and I love data. This is a screenshot of the stats by Google Analytics after these first 25 posts:

Stompboxland stats after 3 months online

To summarize, I will say that there are up to 326 people that had visited the site, viewing 811 pages, spending an average time of 2:12 minutes and viewing 2 pages per session.

That means a lot to me. I want to think that what I say matters to some of you guys.

Or it doesn’t?

I have to admit that nobody has dropped a comment. Only a few spammy bots. The best way for me to know if you find interesting what I say is by getting some feedback.

Do you like the content of the site?

Do you think my english sucks?

Would you like to see any other kind of content?

Do you want me to review more pedals?

Would you like to replicate the reverb buying guide for any other kind of effect?

Do you like DIY stuff for making guitar pedals?

Do you want me to dig deeper on technical stuff?


Many questions needing answers… That is why I am asking for your feedback. I’d like to know from you guys the answer to these to questions:

  1. What is your opinion about
  2. What do you want the site to be like? What type of content would you like to see? In what format?

Thank you in advance.


  1. Just now entering the wonderful world of effects pedals . . . Have found the information valuable . . . concise and useful . . . “guitar pedals explained” a good overview and helpful to me in planning and assembling an array of pedals . . . Liked the written articles but especially liked the video demo/reviews . . . diversity and technical level of info just right . . . keep up the good work . . . Thanks.
    Toby Noelle

  2. Just entering the wonderful world of effects pedals . . articles interesting and helpful in planning/assembling an entry level pedal array . . . overview of pedal effects very valuable and especially liked video demo/reviews . . . level of technical info just right . . . very good selection of topics . . . look forward to more talk about effects equipment. Thanks.
    Toby Noelle

  3. Just starting guitar, little bit late, but this is a best pedals explanation i saw in all internet. I’m more ‘read’ guy then watch, so please continue to write in your awesome maner!

  4. I get what you say about knowing about something and wanting to share it in english. Thats the reason why I created MY site.

    Your reverb article was AWESOME. Please keep it up, great help and awesome web site!

  5. Your blog is helping me a lot, seriously. Your in depth reviews go straight to the core, with the analysis, the details and even the videos.

    The Reverb article was in fact very complete. And i’ll be looking forward to your next reviews and articles. I’m aching for more articles like that, especially about the delay pedals, hope you can do some of that soon.

    Keep on going men!

  6. I know I arrive late since this question has been asked but none the less, here goes (I’ll keep it positive and uplifting 😉 ) my feedback and what topics I’d like to read up on:
    – A lot of white, I think it’s more modern to have different big pictures as a background, in this case individual stompboxes would do nicely.
    – More pics! Different angles and closeups and such would be great.
    – Historical facts is always nice to mention in a post or articles about the history of stompboxes in general, who invented what and which bands produced the most notable records with such a stompbox.
    – What are the myths, what are your dream stompboxes and why.
    – Very helpful, esp for the beginner that does not know where to start with stompboxes.
    – Tight graphical site layout, good subjects and in depth reviews with excellent summaries.