is an independent website with a single purpose: to become the information hub of everything related to guitar pedals (buying guides, pedal reviews, interviews, pedalboard resources, etc.)

We will try to provide honest reviews and buying guides based upon personal opinion. We are not like other websites reviewing just “high quality products”. In Stompboxland there is room for every pedal, every budget and every taste.

For this reason, you can go to the contact page and fill the form there if you want your pedals to be reviewed by Stompboxland.

Our intention is to grow little by little by featuring different type of content: from buying guides for every type of effect pedal, pedal reviews, interviews, pedalboards, up to get-your-hands-dirty DIY projects. If you love guitar pedals, this will be the place to be…

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My name is Unai, I’m a PhD in Electrical Engineering, I’m a technology geek and work as a researcher in a Technology Center in the Basque Country (Spain) and as a lecturer at the University, where I explain electronics.


My story with guitar effects has been kind of contradictory over time. Now I love guitar pedals, and that is the reason why I’ve created this site, but it hasn’t been always like so…

After having used digital effects racks in the late nineties in different bands, I broke my relationship with effects at all. Then I spent ten years playing funk and soul music by just using the dry sound of the amplifier and a wah-wah pedal.

A few years ago I started trying (and buying) different pedals, reading tons of reviews, watching youtube videos, and falling in love with pedals. They are like small pieces of art for me now. I love not only because how they sound, but also because how they look.

I have a Marshall 6101 30th Anniversary, which doesn’t have a built-in reverb, and decided to purchase a reverb pedal to play at home few months ago.

I live in Spain, and love buying online any kind of gear, because I don’t have many chances to visit good guitar stores.

I did some research online and found many different reviews, tons of youtube videos and a few comparison guides, but couldn’t found any site that helped me making a decision about which pedal was the best for me.

After researching online for a few weeks, I picked 15 reverb pedals that wanted to try, and visited some guitar stores to check them out. It was great fun (and finally purchased an Electro Harmonix Cathedral).

With the experience I gained, I decided to start this website to share all I learned through my process of purchasing a reverb pedal.  I want to help you out making a decision about which pedal to buy, which one is the best for you.

I have the intention to grow the website with similar content for other effects pedals. I will have great fun researching and trying some pedals, and will be very happy if you find it helpful too.

Be patient because this website’s just started, but a lot of great content is coming…

DISCLAIMER. This website is an affiliate of other websites, which means that I may get a commission if you decide to purchase something when led to any of these websites. You won’t pay more though, but it will help me with the website expenses…